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Welcome and congratulations on your decision to become a massage therapist.  You are entering a field that is in high demand.  As a result of this, your chances of landing a job and becoming a massage therapist are great!

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are medical professionals who treat patients by using touch to manipulate soft-tissue muscles of the body.  The job outlook for a career as a massage therapist is extremely bright, with employment expected to grow by 20 percent from 2010 to 2020. [click to continue…]

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Congratulations!  You’ve finished your massage therapy training and have passed all of your exams.  You are now licensed massage therapist.  You’ve applied to various places to work, like spas and salons, and have had your share of interviews.  Then, the phone rings offering you a job.  You accept and celebrate knowing that in a few days you will be starting your first job as a massage therapist.  But then, nervousness hits.   You start to wonder what it will be like.  What should you expect at your first job as a massage therapist? [click to continue…]

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Some massage therapists decide to place an advertisement offering massage therapy services.  It is not uncommon to find these types of listings on sites like Craigs List.  This is a way advertise your business, grow your clientele, and subsequently earn more money.  However, if you decide that you would like to offer massages outside of the spa or place of employment, practice caution.  By opening yourself up to a whole new world of people, you don’t know what type of clients your ad might attract, or if your services are misconstrued for something else. [click to continue…]

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An important part of your training will be to teach you how to drape your classmates (who will be acting as clients) properly.  In the field, when working on real clients (not classmates in a training setting), draping that is loose or slips out of place may be distracting to the person laying on your table.  Throughout your career, you will continue to learn that how you drape a client can always be improved.  You’ll learn that some draping techniques work better for different situations. [click to continue…]

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You would be surprised to learn the number of massage therapists that deal with sweating.  It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight or in great shape.  People of all backgrounds can experience moments of sweating profusely.  Some therapists are concerned with how sweating will affect their ability to give massages.  Will clients be turned off if their therapist is sweating over them while working on them?  If this is something that concerns you, there are some techniques and tricks you can try to help combat the problem. [click to continue…]

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Not all of your training will take place in the classroom.  In order to learn how to perform the massage techniques you’ll read about, you will need some hands-on experience.  Your fellow classmates will serve as the hands-on practice that you need.  You will take turns giving and receiving the massage therapy treatment.  While this is pretty standard, and doesn’t bother most students, what do you do if you know you have an injury?  How do you let your teacher and classmates know that you’re nervous about what can happen if pressure is applied to a sensitive area of your body? [click to continue…]

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Successfully passing your massage therapy training is one step towards becoming a massage therapist to help others.  But your clients aren’t the only ones who can benefit from your success.  One way to give back to the field is to offer tutoring sessions to current students in a massage therapy program.  Teaching may come naturally to you, especially if you once had a position in the educational field. [click to continue…]

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Whenever you work with people there are bound to be personality differences.  This can be good in the sense it challenges you to think differently or approach a situation from another point of view.  However, it can also have negative results if that person is disrespectful and/or rude.  This applies in all areas of life, from the classroom to your place of employment.  If you are experiencing some challenges working with someone, or they are making you feel uncomfortable, here are some tips you can try. [click to continue…]

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During your formal massage therapy training, all of your work will not be dong on actual people.  You will spend some time working on cadavers.  This is especially true in the case of learning about anatomy.  If the idea of working with cadavers bothers you, here are some tips to help relieve your fears. [click to continue…]

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Some massages require the client to remove clothing.  While the client may feel a bit self-conscious around you if they have some excess weight, what about therapist who aren’t in the best shape?  If you are overweight, would it serve you better to lose weight first, before attending massage therapy school?  Or, maybe you believe that how the therapist looks should have no bearing on massage skills.  You might be wondering if being overweight will cause potential clients to look elsewhere for service. [click to continue…]

Do You Need a Certification for Each Modality

February 19, 2013
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As a massage therapist, you will have the opportunity to specialize in more than one style (modality) of massage.  This will allow you to offer a wide range of services, making you a desirable choice to different clients.  You will be able to appeal to more people which will do wonders to boost your reputation, [...]

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