Caution When Advertising Massage Therapy Services

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Some massage therapists decide to place an advertisement offering massage therapy services.  It is not uncommon to find these types of listings on sites like Craigs List.  This is a way advertise your business, grow your clientele, and subsequently earn more money.  However, if you decide that you would like to offer massages outside of the spa or place of employment, practice caution.  By opening yourself up to a whole new world of people, you don’t know what type of clients your ad might attract, or if your services are misconstrued for something else.

Some people might think that your massage services are sexual in nature and that you are willing to offer a “happy ending” to the service.  Even if you spell out that the massage is non-sexual, don’t be surprised if you get inquiries asking if you would consider changing your service offerings.  You might not even have the chance to have a conversation about this prior to meeting the client.  The client could very well show up to your place of service and while they are on the table, ask you to perform additional services.  This can be an extremely uncomfortable situation to be in.

Be leery of accepting a client if they ask you repeatedly to perform services you are not interested in.  Also, if they ask for a picture, this should set off a red flag that this might not be such a good idea to take on this person as a client.  When providing this type of outcall massage service, you need to really listen to your gut.  Repeated comments about things like nudity might suggest that the person has other ideas in mind.  If you continue to be questioned about inappropriate services, kindly tell the person that if they cannon respect you then you will be forced to end the session and they will be charged fully.

Make sure you remain professional at all times.  It is a good practice to address the client as sir or madam.  By refusing to use their first name, it shows that this is strictly business and hopefully won’t be mistaken as something else.  If you need to, remove yourself from the room and give the client time to compose themselves.  Once they see that you are not going to give in to their request, they may decide to stop asking.

While you can’t ward off all bad people, you can make sure your ad clearly states what you do offer.  Make sure the wording about the different types of massage is very specific.  To keep those people who wish to remain anonymous from calling you, state that you will not accept phone calls from blocked numbers.  Reiterate that the work you are providing is meant to be therapeutic only.

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