How to Pay for Massage School

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When you made the decision to become a massage therapist, you probably spend a considerable amount of time researching schools.  You talked to the school counselors, as well as current and former students.  You compared the pros and cons of each school and finally settled on one that met your needs.  Now that you’ve chosen a school, there’s something else you need to consider.  How on earth will you pay for massage school?

Many students apply for financial aid.  Depending on the school you attend, this may or may not cover your entire tuition.  If you are going to school part-time, because you are currently employed, you may or may not qualify for grants.  As a result, this might cause you to need to find additional sources of funding for school.

If possible, try saving up money for massage school.  It’s always best to pay in cash and not have to worry about interest charges and paying someone else back later.  One of the good reasons for saving up first and paying cash is that you need to anticipate how much money you’ll earn when you first start working as a massage therapist.  Those early years are going to be tough.  It will take time to build up your clientele.  You don’t want to have to worry about paying for insurance, licensing fees, and a student loan on top of that.  There is nothing more stressful than having a student loan over your head for years and years.

If you still haven’t completely decided on a school, why not take this time to look for a school that is smaller and less expensive.  In the end, you’ll be glad you saved your money.

If you must chose a loan, chose very carefully.  Only take out a loan for what you need.  Too many students make the mistake of accepting all of the loan money that has been offered to them, even if it more than covers their tuition.  They often will use the money for non-school related items, like furniture or electronics.  What you have to remember though is that that money must be paid back and most people don’t pay it back in a year or so.  Some students find themselves still paying a student loan 5 years or more after graduating from school.

There’s so much more to learn about in the bodywork and massage therapy industries.  You should use this link to read an additional article on massage therapist training.

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