When Your Classmate Makes You Uncomfortable

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Whenever you work with people there are bound to be personality differences.  This can be good in the sense it challenges you to think differently or approach a situation from another point of view.  However, it can also have negative results if that person is disrespectful and/or rude.  This applies in all areas of life, from the classroom to your place of employment.  If you are experiencing some challenges working with someone, or they are making you feel uncomfortable, here are some tips you can try.

In massage school, given that you will have to engage in hands-on training with your classmates, if one student makes you feel uncomfortable, having to perform a massage on them can be challenging.  If the classmate begins to make comments that suggest a desire for wanting to exhibit inappropriate behavior, this is cause for concern and should be brought to the attention of your instructor.

If you are a woman (or a man) and while receiving a massage from your classmate, you feel that you were touched in appropriately, definitely say something.  It doesn’t matter if the classmate is male or female, no student should feel uncomfortable at the hands of another student.  Think of how a client would feel if that person treated them the same.  If no one ever opens their mouth to say some, how can the person’s problems get addressed?  It just may be that a career in massage therapy is not for them.

You should also speak up in the event that the person doesn’t know what is considered appropriate and what should not be done.  There’s always the chance that maybe there was no ill-intent behind their actions.  This is why instructors are there: to help teach and guide.  If the student is never told what is allowed and what isn’t, he or she will not last long in the massage business.  A client is not going to tolerate being subjected to that sort of inappropriate behavior and neither should you as a student.

Male therapists might experience having a harder time gaining trust.  As such, you would do them a disservice if you didn’t provide constructive feedback.  If you are uncomfortable speaking to the instructor alone, perhaps there are others in the class who have experienced the same and feel similarly.  Perhaps you can go to the teacher as a group to express your concern.

There’s so much more to learn about in the bodywork and massage therapy industries.  Check out this article if you’d like to read more about what goes into therapeutic massage therapy.

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